Jacquelyn Sommer carries a deep passion for living life to the fullest and embracing the journey. Her journey began in the remote mountains of Idaho near the Frank Church Wilderness. As the environment and her interactions with it were such an impactful aspect of her childhood, her fascination with the natural world can be seen throughout her artwork. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking from Portland State University in 2012.

Much of her inspiration blossoms from community gatherings, observing and facilitating sacred play, and celebrating the gifts of the earth on the family farm in Middleton, Idaho. She integrates intuitions of her heart with the wisdom from the community, informing her work with research, teaching, exploring, communing with nature, and honoring the infinite sisterhood. These experiences have embedded a constant drive for manifesting a creative life full of love and discovering powerful healing. She brings a visionary perspective that unites and uplifts her viewers to dance in the immense beauty and blessings inherent in our existence. 

Her work focuses on themes such as nature, spirituality and culture, goddess love, the symbiosis of music and visual art, symbolism, and psychedelia. 


Artist Statement

"Working with the forces of nature, that's when an artist becomes a visionary."        -Jacquelyn Sommer

I have an obsessive passion for art that began at a young age. With the death of my father when I was nine years old, I constantly created art as the best mechanism to cope with the chaotic world. I discovered art is powerful as healing is spiritual. With a strong interaction between these forces, I practiced spiritual art for powerful healing that has intensified throughout my life. My mission is to share the nuances of beauty that surround and unite all of us. In essence, my art is not complete or meaningful without the artistic collaboration from my viewer. We create this experience together. 

My paintings and adornments are a spiritual process which share my perception of the divine world that embraces us all. I am particularly interested in the life of psychedelia, or "soul-manifesting", and the culture that has grown from this ancient human interaction with nature. My work revolves around the sacred feminine and goddess symbolism. Fascinated by the evolution of humankind, I reflect on our ancestral, spiritual roots through understanding rituals, the sacred, consciousness, and the journey of the soul through a variety of cultural and symbolic lenses. Through my art, my mission is to remind ourselves of our origins and tribal past so we may revitalize our connections to the mystical. In this way, I explore and interconnect the ancient with the contemporary. 

My artwork develops through a stream of conscious pattern. I perceive art creation as a vision: completely giving myself to the process and allowing the art to manifest intuitively. I am entranced through an interplay of trusting, molding, and excavating the imagery from the depths of the creative journey. From dreams, memories, meditation, and different states of consciousness, I capture and channel information to enrich my art. Extensive research enlightens and educates the evolution of my work. My palette is a rainbow of high saturated colors and layers. I work large scale to achieve a dynamic, strong presence where a viewer is enveloped by the worlds I depict. Now may my art radiate a "soul" of its own.